IDentyMU Online


Version: Season 6 Episode 3
Regular Experience: 500x
Master Level Experience: 50x
Max Level: 400
Max Master Level: 400
Points per Level: 5/6/7
Master Points per Level: 1
Points after reset: 500


No Cash shop, only items you get!
Max Life: +16%
Max Excellent Options: 2
Max Socket Options: 2
Max Socket Two-Handed Weapons: 2
Socket + Excellent: Enabled
Items 380 + Excellent: Enabled
Ancient + Excellent: Disabled
Monster Spots: Custom, every map 3+ spots
MU Helper from level: 80
Playtime Reward: Goblin Points *50/h
Reconnect System: On
Auto-Party System: On
Lorencia ring (PvP): On
Post price: 2kk
Non-PvP Maps: Stadium


Soul Success Rate: 90% (with luck)
Soul Success Rate: 65% (without luck)
Life Success Rate: 85% ( with luck)
Life Success Rate: 60% (without luck)
Harmony Success Rate: 85% (with luck)
Harmony Success Rate: 60% (without luck)

Luck option increases success rates by additional +25% when upgrading items.
Talisman of luck increases success rates by additional +10% when upgrading items.
All mix rates are gmo like meaning original settings as shown inside the chaos machine.

Currently this is only one server.